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Currently in New York City


Through portraiture and landscape photography, I have investigated discriminatory labor practices, human rights abuses, and their influence on people. My interests are rooted in exposing, through long term projects, large structural systems of power and oppression. The ability to humanize these concepts through photographs allows the stories to be understood by a larger audience. These projects, respectively, focused on: migrants in Paris, the labor camps of the GCC and their impact on communities in India, and creating a new vernacular, through portraits, of how victims of war, in this case Iraqis, are portrayed.

My latest project shifted my focus to the environment and how to humanize climate change. To see this project through I moved to Hanoi, Vietnam. I'm now back in my home base, New York .

For direct contact kindly write to or call 1.202.536.7851

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  • The New York Times

  • Médecins Sans Frontières

  • TripAdvisor

  • New York University

  • The Financial Times Magazine

  • Obama for America

  • JW Marriot

  • Getty Images

  • La Boutique So Press

  • The Telegraph

  • Le Monde

  • Human Rights Watch

Exhibitions and Awards:

  • Magenta Flash Forward Festival 2018

  • Magenta Flash Forward Festival 2017

  • Society for News Design

  • Joop Swart Masterclass nominee

  • Getty Images Gallery

  • Magenta Flash Forward Festival 2012

  • IPPA Best of Photojournalism


  • Magenta Flash Forward 2018

  • Magenta Flash Forward 2017